16 Year-Old Rape Victim's Picture Goes Viral - Results In Memes And Social Media Bashing

16 Year-Old Rape Victim’s Picture Goes Viral – Results In Memes And Social Media Bashing


A 16 year old girl was invited to an impromptu high school party last month by a friend. She says that once she got there she was offered punch by a young boy her age. She believes that the punch was spiked because after drinking it she passed out and had no relocation of what happened that night. It wasn’t until she was surfing her Twitter account when she stumbled upon a picture of her laying half naked on the floor. It had already been spread across the internet and had generated over 3,000 hashtags : #jadapose . Jada says that she was sexually assaulted by the boy and that she did not consent to having her clothes removed or any sexual activity. What’s more disgusting is that people began to mimic the pose and post their own photos laying across the floor in the same position.


As you can imagine this had a huge impact on Jada. This new generation has grown up on Social Media and as a result bullying has an even greater impact and reach today than it ever had. With the click of a button someone’s entire life can be changed completely. However, good always outweighs the evil and since this story has been publicized more people have shown support for her. Many of the pictures that have gone viral of the #jadapose have been reported. However, there are still a few select fools that are continuing the abuse! Make sure to report any pictures that are ridiculing Jada on your Social Networks! We have to protect our own!

Watch Jada’s Interview Below: