The Return Of Usher's Crazy Stalker Has Him Running Back To Court!

The Return Of Usher’s Crazy Stalker Has Him Running Back To Court!

Looks like Usher’s old stalker is back at it again with some more craziness because word on the street is he’s headed back to court after she recently violated his restraining order!

According to The Jasmine Brand, Usher is begging the judge to do something about 26-year-old Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw, a woman who has been stalking him for over four years now,  after she recently sent him a marriage proposal and a happy birthday video.

Usher had originally scored a temporary restraining order on Darshelle back in 2012 after he told a Georgia judge that he believed he and his children’s lives were in danger.  He says Darshelle believed she was married to him and would show up at his home and bang on the door to the point police were called. He went back to court after the order was expired in 2013. The permanent order outlined that she should not only stay 200- yards away from the singer and his family but also away from his legal team and charity.

Unfortunately for Usher, even with the permanent restraining order Darshelle still couldn’t stay away. He alleges that she is still sending his lawyers unwanted texts and emails. He also says she is still making fake pages trying to solicit donations for Usher’s charity which is also a direct violation of the agreement. Darshelle also failed to complete a full psychological and psychiatric evaluation as outlined in her first restraining order.

If you don’t believe she’s that obsessed check out some of her recent IG posts below:

#Yesterday there were two flights booked @Usher

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@usher Range Rover

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@dlwarfield Would you ask @Usher what he likes about this piece? #MYBFisBLK

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Oh hell nah!

TJB reports that Usher returned back to court on April 7th. She is liable to get charged with felony Aggravated Stalking where she can spend up to 10 years in prison and rack up a $10k fine.

She might want to take a lesson from Ashanti’s stalker and chill out! Lets chat below!

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