TOP 7.5 Billboard Music Award Moments

TOP 7.5 Billboard Music Award Moments

Now that the Billboard Music Awards have come and gone, let’s get straight to the point with what matters–what people are going to be talking about throughout the week and even throughout the years.

So much went on throughout the night but we’re pretty sure people will be talking about these 7.5 moments!

1. Celine’s segment — Celine’s entire time on stage was a big ball of emotional energy! Ok? How about them bringing her 15-year- old son, René-Charles out to surprise and present her Billboard Icon Award after she blessed the stage with that performance?! And what about when she broke into tears while exclaiming how she wants to stay strong for her family and not cry in front of her son. If you missed her speech: “I want to thanks the fans for traveling through music for me in good and bad times. Music has been my passion before I can almost remember…my family, my mom who wrote my first song. my children, Rene, Nelson, and Edy, and most importantly, the one person who I know will continue to watch over me from up above,” she said talking about her late husband and manager Rene Angelil. If you recall, be passed away from cancer back in January. “Thank you Billboards for honoring me. Rene, this one’s for you. The show must go on.”

2. Can we take a second for Ludacris’ Oscar’s shade?! Okay so if you missed it, Luda said that the Billboards are like the Oscars of music; except there are black nominees. Yes Luda, we applaud that shade! Definitely a memorable moment.

3. Did y’all know that The Weeknd broke a record at the Billboards? He took home eight awards making him the first male to have that many awards in one night in history.

4. We were most definitely here for Rihanna’s performance. If she didn’t take you there when she slayed “Love on the Brain,” we weren’t watching the same awards, honey.

5. Speaking of performances, Kesha said “what competition?” First of all her perform served two purposes at once –the second being a Bob Dylan Tribute with “It ain’t me, Babe.” Great job, Kesh!

6. We must acknowledge Ciara and Ludacris’ mention of the shade thrown about Ciara that she probably won’t even show up–just before she was announced to hit the stage. There’s no way they were getting away with that without an honorable mention!

7. Last but most certainly not least, let’s chat about the highly anticipated Prince tribute? Okay so they definitely did something right by inviting Quest Love to Segway into the tribute. His heartfelt recollection of who Prince was to music was touching and just the perfect appetizer for Madonna to rock the stage. Only except fans and pretty much everyone else for that matter feel like the tribute was a little lackluster or considerably not the best. Well some points were scored for bringing out Stevie. But good or bad, someone somewhere will be reflecting on Billboard’s 2016 Awards Prince tribute.

And finally for the half (we know y’all were like what’s a half moment?) how about that BET shade — their teaser for the 2016 BET Awards was straight shade! You must see it for yourself if you missed it! “Yeah we saw that. Don’t worry. We got you.”

That was the cherry on top for us!

We want to know what your moments were from the awards, #Roommates so let’s chat!

TSR Intern: Chantel P.! @_popchanny on IG!