3 Vital Signs To Let You Know Memorial Weekend Is The Beginning Phase Of Summer 16!

3 Vital Signs To Let You Know Memorial Weekend Is The Beginning Phase Of Summer 16!

Drake may have came out with an anthem that you’ll be partying to for the rest of the Summer, but the real MVP of the start to a hot weather season, is by all means Memorial Weekend!

We get prepared for the holiday weekend because practically every weekend that follows a holiday we celebrate, right? But do we actually know what Memorial Day represents?

For those who don’t, in a nutshell, it is the time where we all celebrate our falling soldiers. The ones who fought during the Civil War, World War I, II and so on. The families, friends and even the ones who are just so damn appreciative for the courageous soldiers, we salute!

So now that that’s understood, looks look at some of the events that are essential to Memorial Day weekend

Family cookouts: what would Memorial Weekend be like if you didn’t at least attend one family and friends cookout? Don’t let your beginning summer stretch start off so dull. If you aren’t attending a cookout, as long as your over someone’s house who has the grill moving and grooving then you are half way there to a great 2016 summer.

D.C. Black Pride: everyone and their momma by now should be aware that when Memorial Weekend is approaching, so is a community gay pride event! Once a year during Memorial Weekend there comes D.C. Black Pride, which celebrates the LGBT communities in the district. It’s their time to let loose with parades, parties and clubs to attend as a way to honor their acceptance of welcoming everyone into their lifestyle!

Graduation parties: calling all graduates from college, high school, middle school and so forth. There is another positive side to Memorial Weekend because most students towards the end of May are accepting a diploma or certificate that signifies a chapter is complete and another one begins. You are now an alumni so you deserve to be rewarded!

TSR Intern: Charise W.
Instagram: @planet_reese