Perks Of Being A Celebrity's Baby

Perks Of Being A Celebrity’s Baby

Baby fever is in full effect #Roommates. Many of your favorite celebs are popping out kids left and right, and these lil toddler’s are living it up! Check out 5 of the coolest perks to being a celebrity’s baby.

1. Being a celebrity can be stressful, and who’s to say that stress doesn’t get to the baby too? Well, Evelyn Lozada’s not taking any chance with her baby. Take a look at her son enjoying a nice massage. Hey! Who doesn’t like a good one before naptime?

2. Many people dream of becoming a recording artist their entire lives. But when you’re Blue Ivy and your parents are two of the biggest music moguls in the industry, honey you don’t need to dream! While most kids are out playing in sandboxes, you can catch Blue in the studio. She’s 4 and has already been featured on a Coldplay album. Now that’s what you call starting young!

3. North West snatches pearls left and right every time she steps out on the scene; she’s like a mini fashion icon. I mean what other two-year old do you know walking around wearing $10,000 fur coats… I’ll wait.


4. Turning up with NO FILTER! Y’all remember the days when rap songs used to come on when you were younger and your parents would change it, because you weren’t quite “old enough” to handle the lyrics yet? Well, Lil Boosie’s kids don’t have to worry about that. Here’s a video of the whole fam bam turning up together to daddy’s music.

5. Looks like celeb babies aren’t just making debuts on tracks, they’re also starring in music videos. Chris Brown’s daughter, Royalty, played her dad’s co-star in Chris’s “Little More” music video. Meanwhile tons of girls are out there still trying to twerk their way into one of Breezy’s videos. Little Miss Ro can say she’s been there, done that.