Troy Ave Has Been Indicted In Deadly Irving Plaza Shooting Case!

Troy Ave Has Been Indicted In Deadly Irving Plaza Shooting Case!

Looks like Troy Ave’s legal situation has gotten worse as it is being reported that a grand jury has decided to indict the rapper on weapons charges.

“I’m filing a certificate of affirmative grand jury action,” stated ADA Chistine Keenan.

The 33-year-old, whose real name is Roland Collins, was arrested on attempted murder and criminal weapons charges after he was caught on video firing a gun in a chaotic shootout that left one person dead during TI’s concert in NYC.  According to the NY Times, The indictment with his formal charges will be made public on June 22nd.

While this may or may not come as a relief to some, Scott E. Leemon one of Troy’s attorneys definitely believes that his client was the actual victim in the case. “He didn’t shoot himself, “Mr. Leemon said. “He didn’t shoot McPhatter. They are victims, an its time for the D.A.’s office to start treating them like victims.”

One person who also seems to be taking the Brooklyn rapper’s side is west coast rapper YG. “It’s sad,” he said on a recent interview with Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club. “Troy, thats my dude, you feel me… I don’t even want to say what I really want to soon on air. I dunno bro, because I feel like this: if I got popped, I would have done the same thing. I would have made my way out that joint, period. And that just go got anybody else, thats just reaction. Protocol…. it come with the rap game and the streets.”

On a more positive note, Troy is said to be working on establishing a $10,000 sports scholarship at New Utrecht High School in honor of Ronald McPhatter, his bodyguard who was killed during the shooting at Irving Plaza.

If convicted Troy stands to be locked up for a pretty long time! Lets chat below!


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