#TSRUpdatez: Do Y'all Remember The Stephen Curry Look-A-Like?!

#TSRUpdatez: Do Y’all Remember The Stephen Curry Look-A-Like?!

Hey, Roommates! I just wanted to give you an update on a #StephCurry look-a-like we highlighted a few months ago and his name is Leon Mitchell II. Now, what had first caught our attention about Mitchell was that there were memes circulating on Instagram which referred to him as #MethCurry due to him having such a small frame, but as it turned out, he was a cancer survivor and to this day fights against the odds. He’s made a life as a motivational speaker and is still spreading positivity throughout his community.

I got a chance to catch up with Leon and his wifey Jennita and it looks like they are doing very well! They just celebrated an anniversary and the motivational speaker has even put on a few pounds despite a minor setback with pneumonia. Here’s what he told me:

“Yes, I have gained some weight and have been back in the gym regularly. I battled some severe pneumonia and a collapsed lung that put me in the hospital for a bit but bounced back greatly. I’ve been in good health, good spirits, and great energy. I’ve gained a bigger platform in which I have been able to share my messages of POSITIVITY and upliftment for personal growth and personal GREATNESS.

My DM’s are flooded with messages and I’m getting emails from individuals who are either battling or struggling with personal problems and I just love to give advice and positive reassurance or just spark relationships and great conversations with them!!

My family is doing BEAUTIFULLY! My wife and I just celebrated 6 years of marriage, our son just graduated from kindergarten, and our daughter is growing and developing more and more each day. I have also been able to do more speaking engagements in my community with one being at the American Cancer Society Relay for life Tacoma! As well as continue my mentor ship with my son’s elementary school. It’s a boys book club to help advance reading levels and teach self growth.”

This is so awesome! Congratulations to you Leon and Jennita! You’re such an amazing inspiration to everyone reading this! You can follow his journey at @mr_knoe or www.knoeclothing.com!

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