LHHATL's Tommie Says She Was A Victim To Police Brutality During A Traffic Stop

LHHATL’s Tommie Says She Was A Victim To Police Brutality During A Traffic Stop

Love and Hip Hop ATL’s cast member Tommie has been known for doing some stuff from her fights with fellow member Scrapp DeLeon to her war with words with Joseline Hernandez. Well now she’s going off on Instagram for another topic…police brutality.

The ATL firecracker took to Instagram with video of a recent arrest where she claims she wrongfully manhandled by an officer. One of the videos you can see the officer yank her out of the truck aggressively and on to the ground.

“Hit my head so hard on the ground couldn’t film greenscreen for a week, because of the disfigurement on my forehead,” she captioned one of her videos. “Which is why I couldn’t stand up straight. I blacked out and was dizzy!! #Traumatized #pleasestoppolicebrutality”

Tommiee was allegedly riding around in the backseat of a Jeep Wrangler along with another pregnant female and male, who she alleges was the driver,  before they were all pulled over. From the looks of it the trio may have been pulled over for suspicions of driving under the influence.

Apparently the officer didn’t believe that the male was the actual driver and proceeded to question the other woman in the car accusing her of swapping seats with the man. Well of course that didn’t sit well with Tommiee because she started going off and thats when things went 0 to 100 real quick! Check out the videos out below and lets chat!






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