#ClapBackSeason: Tiny Harris vs Her Daughter, Zonnique's Step Mother

#ClapBackSeason: Tiny Harris vs Her Daughter, Zonnique’s Step Mother


Last week, word got out that rapper TI had allegedly been caught cheating on his wife Tiny with a well-known “escort” named Analicia Chavez aka: Ana Montana in Atlanta. You may have seen her during her days as a former Taz Angel or for her brief relationship with Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree. Ever since word has been that the couple had been separated.

According to a very detailed email sent to Sandra Rose, Tiny ended up confronting Chavez in the lobby that very night. Not only that but Tiny had apparently went forward with plans to go on vacation with her husband and the kids since it was after the situation because the “”B aecay” had already been paid for.

Well fast forward to yesterday, all hell pretty much broke loose when Tiny and Tiny’s daughter Zonnique’s step mother, Cheryl Redmond got into it on social media. Apparently,  TI posted a picture of himself and Zonnique labeling her as “Mines” while they were on this previously mentioned vacation.


Cheryl didn’t like that, so she put on her petty boots and uploaded a picture of Zonnique with her biological father, Zebo, next to TI with his biological daughter, Deyjah, and captioned it “Enough said.”


Of course, Tiny clapped back, because if it’s one thing you know about her she doesn’t play with her family! She claims that when Zebo, Zonnique’s father, was in jail, TI stepped in and took care of Tiny and her child. She was offended that Cheryl was basically saying that since TI didn’t create her then he had no right to claim her as his own:


The ladies went on to have a heated exchange in which Cheryl aired out some very personal news, including how TI has been known to cheat and how Tiny has a home allegedly set up for when she allegedly plans to leave TI. Also, stepmama is basically trying to negate everything TI has ever done for Zonnique as a justification for him being wrong to claim her:


And if you thought the tea kettle stopped whistling then, chile wait for it:

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Yikes !! What are your thoughts Roommates? Does TI have a right to claim Zonnique after being her life for the past 15 years? Let’s chat below

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Source: http://sandrarose.com/2016/07/zonniques-stepmother-confirms-ti-prostitute-allegations/