Toya Wright Finally Files For Divorce From Memphitz

Toya Wright Finally Files For Divorce From Memphitz

Looks like Toya Wright finally worked up the courage to kick producer Memphitz to curb because word on the street is she has finally filed for divorce in Georgia!

According to The Jasmine Brand, Toya has decided to end her 5 year marriage due to “the marriage being irretrievably broken and there is no hope of reconciliation.” Luckily for them, the pair signed a prenuptial agreement which will take care of the equitable side of their property and other assets.

The agreement they signed before their marriage also stops either party from seeking alimony as well as other stipulations:

Via The Jasmine Brand:

The agreement reveals both parties financial situation at the time — with Toya having over $700k in cash, $109k in real estate, $125k worth of cars along with $15k in other personal property. She also had her clothing company worth $60k and a beauty business worth $110k.

Toya’s debts included $90k in mortgage payments, $60k in auto loans and $80k in unpaid taxes and interest. Her assets totaled nearly $1.1 million and her liabilities were only $230k leaving her with a net worth of $864k.

Mickey’s assets included $48k in cash, $140k worth of cars, $98k in securities, $9k in a IRA and was making $500k a year for work.

His liabilities included $550k on his mortgage, $377k in unpaid taxes and $15k owed to Visa. His total amount of assets totaled $1.3 million with liabilities totaling $377k for a net worth of $981k.

Hopefully, Memphitz, whose real name is Mickey Wright, isn’t too pissed about the news because Toya also wants him to pay for her lawyer fees as well as her personal property. Memphitz can also have his personal property but he can not sell or transfer any of the property during the divorce.

The couple married back in 2011 but have been living separately this past year. Lets chat below.



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