Keisha Knight Pulliam Tells Her Side..Claims He Cheated

Keisha Knight Pulliam Tells Her Side..Claims He Cheated

Everyone was shocked when Ed Hartwell filed for divorce from Keisha Knight Pulliam. The couple tied the knot 8 months ago and recently announced that they’re expecting a baby girl. Ed has since requested a paternity test, insinuating that Keisha may have stepped out on their marriage, and she isn’t having it. Keisha appeared on Entertainment Tonight and tried her best to keep it together as she told “her side.”

Keisha said she’s never cheated on Ed and is certain without a doubt that this is his daughter.

But #Roommates the plot thickens because Keisha claims Ed was the one who was out creepin. She said that early on in their marriage she was faced with Ed’s infidelity and was ready to leave but stayed.

When Ed told her he filed for divorce she was blindsided.

“He text me saying can I talk to you for a second.” she said. “All I heard was I filed for divorce this morning and I’m coming to get my stuff.’