50 Cent Wants To Stay Rich Or Die Trying!!

50 Cent Wants To Stay Rich Or Die Trying!!

Looks like 50 Cent doesn’t have a problem with dragging his reputation through the mud as he tries to get out of paying Rick Ross’ baby momma after losing his lawsuit! As if filing for personal bankruptcy wasn’t enough, 50 Cent testified in court that his flashy lifestyle is nothing but a big fat lie!

According to the NY Post, Curtis Jackson, appeared before a jury who is to be deciding the amount he is to pay Lastonia Leviston in punitive damages. He tried to turn on the charm for Lastonia as he apologized for calling her a “mother—king porn star” in his video saying, “I’m sorry if you feel like I hurt you.”

The big shocker came when he said the lavish lifestyle (the world knows that he lives) is just a part of a elaborate scheme for people to think that he’s rich. He says he doesn’t own any of his jewelry or his car, they are all supposedly rented or borrowed.

“The hip-hop culture is aspirational. It’s like music videos….you see all these fancy cars but everything goes back to the dealership.”

Let him tell it , he only wears a simple Casio watch and then goes as far as to throw album sales under the bus, saying that he only received 10 cents for every album he sold which was 38 million copies making his earnings $3.8 million.

His attorney also vouched for him saying that his accounts are all almost emptied out because of all the debt that he owes.

Unfortunately for the rapper, his luxury lifestyle is a little hard to hide as he was forced to admit that he gets paid a bank roll to do any event. This man was paid $100,000 for just one day of  for the movie “Spy” and then made double that amount last weekend while performing in London! And let’s not forget is very famous friendship with the king of flaunting money, Floyd Mayweather.  We doubt Mayweather wants to hang around any broke people! But then again Jackson did say, “Now that I’ve filed for bankruptcy … I’m not as cool as I was last week.” 


Through all of that he still maintains that he is only worth $4.4 million which is ironic because he does own a 17-acre Connecticut estate that comes with a night club and a basketball court and according to NY Post he couldn’t even remember the zip code to where the home is located! A mess! Oh yeah and didn’t Forbes have receipts of Fiddy being worth an actual $155 million? 



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