New Boo Alert!! Safaree Are You Taken Or Nah?

New Boo Alert!! Safaree Are You Taken Or Nah?

A few  weeks ago TSR caught wind of Safaree doing a Q & A on his IG where he alluded to having a special girl in his life. Well it looks like they may have made their debut together in Miami this past weekend ! 

Meet Zashia Santiago! She is no big booty rapper but it looks like she has made a name for herself as a makeup artist and model in Miami. She is also a WNO girl on this season’s Wildin Out!



The roommates spotted the alleged couple real close at a pool party at the Congress Hotel on South Beach :



It also was his birthday this past Weekend so it would be nice to have someone special to spend it with. Which brings us to the hand in the picture below, in his caption he says, “Thx for cutting my slice baby.” I mean we could be reaching but then again who knows! 


Maybe they are just friends from when he appeared on Wildin Out this season but maybe not? What do you think has there been an upgrade from Nicki Minaj? Let’s chats below!!!

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