A Mean CrossOver Gets A Young College Basketball Player Arrested After He Embarrassed Two Cops On a The Courts!

A Mean CrossOver Gets A Young College Basketball Player Arrested After He Embarrassed Two Cops On a The Courts!

Philadelphia Native, Samir Hill landed himself in hand cuffs after embarrassing two Philly police officers in a two-on-two basketball match during his college spring break.

Hill and some friends were shooting hoops with the kids on 56th and Landsowne when two officers came on the playground “talking smack.” Hill invited them to “come get on the court” when the cops responded that they only play for money. 

In the midst of negotiating a price, Hill suggests that they play to one; he even gave the officers the ball first. Unbeknownst to the officers, Hill is the point guard for Allegheny College of Maryland’s men basketball team. Before scoring the first, last, and only winning layup, Hill crossed one of the officers on his way to the basket. The crossover didn’t happen once, but twice.

Bystanders recorded and uploaded clips of the game to Instagram where it went viral. It was after the videos went viral that Hill had some trouble. He was soon handcuffed (by the officers he just beat in basketball) and taken to the police station.

In an interview with Complex, Samir Hill, described what happened that day:

I saw you post a video that appeared to show you and a friend in handcuffs, “all because of basketball.” What happened there?

I think it was because of the video, but they said it was the people I was around. I don’t think it was that though, cause most of the kids I hang around are college kids. I think they just wanted to take me down to the district to show who I was. 

Did they arrest you? 

They didn’t arrest me for nothing. They were talking about how they thought they saw something. I was just down there [at the police station] for an hour and a half, then they let me go. 

They didn’t explain to you why they took you down? 

No, they didn’t explain it to me. They just took me in there, handcuffed me to a bench for an hour and a half. They were doing a search on the car. They searched the car for like an hour. They didn’t find nothing, and they let me go. The whole time they were telling me how they weren’t gonna lock me up, that they were targeting my friend. 

Well ain’t that about a b*tch! This time young men are trying to enjoy themselves off the streets and they still try to find reasons to arrest you! Let’s chat below!

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