A Mother's Worst Fear Comes To Reality When Her Daughter Is Found Dead Along an Insterstate Route In New Orleans. 

A Mother’s Worst Fear Comes To Reality When Her Daughter Is Found Dead Along an Insterstate Route In New Orleans. 

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare to get a call that after your daughter has been missing for hours, she has finally been found… Dead.

Well that’s the exact nightmare Kaylan Ward’s mother, Kenisha Martin-Nelson, has yet to wake up from. 

16-year-old Kaylan Ward was allegedly seen last on Thursday around midnight walking on Earhart Boulevard near Magnolia Street in Central City asking for a ride to North Miro Street in New Orleans. Her body was found miles away on Interstate 10 near Bullard Avenue around 6:30 am. Some reports are saying it may have been a hit and run and has not yet been able be to rule as a homicide. Coroner Jeffrey Rouse said Tuesday that the teen, Kaylan Ward, died of multiple blunt traumatic injuries. Other sources are saying her body was cut into six pieces and the pieces have been found along the interstate but media outlets have yet to confirmed that.

“I will not stop until I get answers. This will not become a cold case because I will not allow it,” Kenisha Martin-Nelson said. She doesn’t believe that her daughter’s death was an accident because she feels as though there should have been no reason why her daughter would be walking on an interstate highway like that.

“Someone took my daughter, and they hurt her,” Martin-Nelson said. “Someone knows what happened.”

A vigil was held for Kaylan as over 200 people came together on Dorchester Street in New Orleans East about 7 p.m. Tuesday to remember Ward with teddy bears, flowers, candles and even released purple balloons into the air in remembrance of her life.

“Was she perfect?” Her mother asked. “No. I had a rebellious child, but I loved her through it all. She did not deserve to die like this.”

She goes on to deliver a message to all other teens who try to sneak around their parents backs at night.

“If my child just been honest with me, my child would be here,” Martin-Nelson said. “Y’all would be in my backyard doing something,” instead of in the front for a vigil.”

The family does urge that if there is anyone out there who may have known what happened is urged to call the police.


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