Amber Rose Could Walk Away With A Milli From This Divorce, But She Wants More!

Amber Rose Could Walk Away With A Milli From This Divorce, But She Wants More!

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Yesterday, Amber Rose confirmed her divorce from Rapper Wiz khalifa on Twitter. She made it very clear that the rumors about her cheating with Nick Cannon were false because she would never cheat on her hubby. However, Wiz can’t say the same about Amber. Ms. Rose Bud admitted that there was definitely infidelity on his part which led to the demise of their marriage. But here’s the thing, more news about their pre-nup has come out and Amber might be walking away a millionaire boo!

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Here is the run down, according to TMZ somewhere in Wiz & Amber’s prenup it states that she can either get spousal support or walk away with a lump sum of a million dollars! Look we aren’t trying to be insensitive, but Amber needs to count her blessings during this time. A heartbreak can kill you dead, but getting a million dollars as a result can make sleeping alone feel a whole lot better. Think of all the women who broke up with a cheating fool and have nothing to show for it!

People close to Amber say that she isn’t going for just the million though. They are saying that Amber is looking to get both spousal support for Sebastian and the lump sum of money.

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The only problem is that she can’t get both because they made an agreement in the pre-nup that she will be offered one option or the other. She is aiming for both but she may have to make a choice.

That is definitely a hard decision, but it’s really a win-win either way! She could take the million and turn it into more money or she can have a steady consistent income source from spousal support. I say get ’em for what he’s got if he was cheating.

According to sources close to Amber, she asked to join Wiz on tour and he shut it down. Basically he told her she needed to stay at home with the baby while he was makin’ his dollas. After being told to stay home she started suspecting him of cheating. Eventually she caught his lil skinty self red-handed.

We don’t think the couple is all that amicable either. Wiz Khalifa’s mother has been spilling that low-key TEA on her page. Her most recent posts seem to be dedicated to quotes about love and illusions. She even made a post taking shots at Ambeezy:

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His mother also flew to LA to comfort her son.

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After Amber blasted Wiz for cheating he posted a #smilefortheday post


We sure hope this doesn’t get really messy! Keep it classy people, keep it classy!