Amerie Stops By The Breakfast Club, Talks New Music, Marriage & More

Amerie Stops By The Breakfast Club, Talks New Music, Marriage & More

Amerie where have you been? The songstress has been off the music scene for sometime, with her last album releasing back in 2009. However, this morning she stopped by the “world’s most dangerous morning show” to let her fans know what she’s been up to lately.

The “1 Thing” singer is still making music with her new EP “Drive” releasing tomorrow, with hopes to release another in July. However, she’s been under the radar expanding her horizons into other things, such as books and film.

She talked about her YouTube channel, which is mainly dedicated to her love for books. Nonetheless, writing has never stopped, whether it’s music or her sci-fi trilogy that she’s currently working on.

When it comes to what happened to her music career and why she’s had a hiatus, she let it be known that marrying her manager Lenny Nicholson had nothing to do with it. In fact, her husband has been a great aspect to her music career.

After moving from Sony to Def Jam she realized that she wasn’t happy. The time it took for the labels to release her music she had been in a different space. Therefore, she’s more comfortable in the position she’s currently in.

If anyone has ever questioned her about being relevant in the media she admits to not being attracted to the glitz and glamour or popping up on every red carpet. But those publishing checks are definitely doing it’s job to keep her afloat.

Check out the interview below: