Angela Simmons Was Spotted On A Romantic Dinner Date With A Rich Man From Namibia!

Angela Simmons Was Spotted On A Romantic Dinner Date With A Rich Man From Namibia!

Ok y’all, so we’ve been trying to figure out who Angela Simmons has been dating ever since she posted a picture of herself with flowers while at dinner in DC on Instagram about a weeeek agooo  (currently doing the shmoney dance). We knew she might have been crushing on someone but we couldn’t put our finger on who…until now.

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Although this hasn’t been confirmed yet, we have to throw this man out there as a potential candidate and here’s why:

Angela Simmons was spotted with a mystery man (until now) on a dinner date in Los Angeles at Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood. As soon as we saw this man we already knew who he was. It wouldn’t be far fetched to think that Angela Simmons would be dating him especially since he’s rich …and we mean RICH. A couple of Ferrari’s parked in the driveway rich.                                                          .angelasimmons1 angelasimmons2

The mystery man’s name is Katti and he’s from Namibia. Not too long ago, he threw his grandmother a party for her 85th birthday and spent $500,000 for her celebration. Okay so now that you understand how rich he is we can move on. He’s a businessman from Walvis Bay and he used to work for one of the top Accounting firms in the world: PWC. He has multiple foundations and he gives back to his community often. Sounds like a good catch to us…BUT THAT AIN’T IT…





We did a little research and found that Katti was indeed in the New York Area the same week that Angela Simmons posted she was on a date in DC. This means that he could have easily flown out to DC (or driven) to see Ms. Angela. Now, they both are back in LA and meeting for dinner? Not only that! The couple was spotted in Miami together a few weeks ago as well (SEE PICS BELOW)

(Proof Katti was in the New York Area Last Week)

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Pic of Katti & Angela in Miami