Is Chris Brown Forcing His Way Back Into Karrueche's Life?

Is Chris Brown Forcing His Way Back Into Karrueche’s Life?

It looks like Chris Brown might be really working his way back to Karrueche’s heart and it looks like that’s because he isn’t willing to take no for an answer !

Last night, TMZ cameras caught Chris Brown arriving to Playhouse in the brand new lambo he posted on his Instagram a few hours earlier.


Shortly after his arrival, Karrueche shows up also at the club. It is obvious the reason why she showed up was because her bestie, Christina Milian, was the host of the night. We’re guessing Chris already knew this and decided tonight would be the night to execute Project: Get Karrueche Back … By all means necessary.

We say that because in the video obtained by TMZ, Karrueche and Chris were found leaving the spot together and Brown was willing to leave his new lambo in order to hop in the SUV Karrueche came in. But at the end of the video, you can hear Karrueche’s male bestie tell Chris “No” as if he was trying to keep him away from her but then again he’s Chris Brown and ain’t no way he not going to hold it down! He hops into the SUV and tells her bestie to get to the back!!

We’re not sure if Karrueche was cool with it or not but she sure as hell didn’t put up much of a fight!!