Arrest Warrant Issued For Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson In Child Injury Case!

Arrest Warrant Issued For Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson In Child Injury Case!

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Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson has been indicted in Montgomery on charges of reckless or negligent injury to his son.  Attorney Rusty Hardin released a statement this afternoon and stated that Adrian was charged because he used a switch to discipline his son and injured him, leaving marks on his skin.

Read Some Of His Statement Below:

Adrian is a loving father who used his judgment as a parent to discipline his son. He used the same kind of discipline with his child that he experienced as a child growing up in east Texas.

This case isn’t new though, it was actually filed earlier this year by the City of Houston, but was later transferred to Montgomery County when the investigators on the case realized that the actual incident occurred in Montgomery. Now, an arrest warrant has been issued for the NFL Star.


I know that many of us were disciplined in similar ways as a child, but judging from the pictures that were released, the discipline to his son crossed the line. The topic of abuse is a silent discussion in the African American community. Physical punishment is accepted and seen as tough love and a way to instill respect and fear into a child.

However, it has never been okay to punish your child to the extent of leaving bruises and scratches on their body! We put this topic up for discussion on our social networks and the majority of the #roommates (our readers) were in favor of Adrian Peterson. Listen, just because Adrian Peterson reminds you of your own father doesn’t mean that he’s right. It just means your father was dead wrong and didn’t get caught!

The images are very saddening! Point, blank…..period! This is discipline taken too far! The NFL has taken a loss in the last couple of months with all of the scandals coming to light.

Let us know your take on this issue, was he wrong or right?