AT&T's President of Sales Aaron Slator Is Fired On Basis Of Discrimination!

AT&T’s President of Sales Aaron Slator Is Fired On Basis Of Discrimination!

How would you feel if you were asked to transfer files from your boss’s old phone to his new one and found a racist meme?! 

Chiiile, 50-year old AT&T assistant, Knoyme King found a meme of an African child with the headline “It’s Friday, N*ggas” in her boss, Aaron Slator’s, phone. And after being denied promotions despite being with the company for 30 years, she decided to file a $100 million discrimination lawsuit. 

The Associated Press reported, AT&T had announced that Aaron Slator’s, who was the president of content and sales, was fired. A company rep stated, “Aaron Slator has been terminated. There is no place for demeaning behavior within AT&T and we regret the action was not taken earlier.”

King’s lawyer, Skip Miller, told higher ups  that she felt that she was being discriminated against prior to the incident but no disciplinary action was taken. 

Lawwd some people in authority really need to get it together !!

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