Did Aubrey O'Day Photoshop Herself Into Exotic Vacation Photos?

Aubrey O’Day Allegedly Deceives Instagram With Photoshopped Vacation Posts & A TikToker Is Sharing ‘Receipts’ (Video)

Aubrey O’Day of the double platinum-selling girl group Danity Kane is being accused of photoshopping herself into other people’s locations and passing off the photos as her own vacation flicks.

A creator who goes by ResidualData on TikTok called out the “Show Stopper” singer in a viral video where she examined several photos from O’Day’s Instagram feed. The 38-year-old is lounging in a range of exotic locations like Santorini, Greece, and in Bora Bora while posing poolside at St. Regis on Instagram—but is the scenery stolen?

TikToker Examines Aubrey O’Day’s “Photoshopped” Vacations

In the viral clip that attracted hundreds of thousands of likes in just one day, ResidualData shows side-by-side comparisons of O’Days inspiration Instagram flicks and the allegedly original version of the photos in an effort to bring awareness.

So here we have Aubrey O’Day […] who apparently went on this vacation in Bali by just photoshopping herself in pictures. It’s truly, like, every single picture.

The TikToker said she truly couldn’t’ get over the alleged realization.

She either just steals content from content creators of just steals the content from other creators.

ResidualData’s viral TikTok slamming Aubrey for her allegedly deceiving Instagram feed has been deleted but not before it was share to Twitter. Hit play to see it.

Fans Weigh In On “Fake” Vacation Photos

So far, O’Day has not commented on the viral TikTok video that was shared earlier this week. Fans are however weighing in heavily ont he topic in her comment section on Instagram, on TikTok and Twitter.

One Twitter user said the photos aren’t as big of a deal as people have made it.

“Ppl photoshop all the time. Who rlly cares unless you’re the type of person to compare yourself. Then that’s more a you problem.”

Roommates, what are YOUR thoughts on this situation?