Azealia Banks' Controversial Interview- The Part They Didn't Show You!

Azealia Banks’ Controversial Interview- The Part They Didn’t Show You!

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You can call it a natural instinct of mine to side with the “underdog” in society, or maybe I just watch full interviews in a time where most simply fast forward to the juiciest and most shady parts. While we love our gossip, I hate the way the media treated Azealia Banks. I don’t support trashing a 23 year old girl that….thinks. Especially not a talented one that has managed to get over a million views on her newest video on Youtube with little to no promotion at all.

I hadn’t heard a single track from Rapper Azealia Banks before this interview. In fact, I only knew Azealia from her past social media beef with T.I. and her ongoing constant beef with Iggy Azalia. After this interview, I did listen to her music and I found her to be extremely talented. You can find her music at the end of this article.

Now, I don’t agree with the way she came at Tiny, T.I. or Iggy Azalea in this interview. I think she could have kept it cute when she was asked about her enemies. Instead, she said that Tiny couldn’t read and that T.I. was a coon. However, the thought provoking things that she said in the interview far surpassed the petty drama.

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Azealia Banks was moved to tears when she spoke about the late Eric Garner and Mike Brown. She expressed her frustration with the media and the fact that the important stories aren’t given enough attention. In addition to this, she spoke about cultural smudging and how black culture is used to inspire and propel the career of white artists in Hip Hop, yet the originators and perpetuators of the culture aren’t given recognition.

For example, her name Azealia. She accuses Iggy Azalia of jocking her name. She insists that Iggy isn’t more talented than any other black female rapper in the game, however, Iggy has seen extreme success in less than a third of the time that these other artists have been out. She blames her overwhelming success on her skin color.

Ebro, the interviewer, also brought up some amazing points about black culture and the industry. He attributed Iggy Azalia’s success to the fact that America is predominantly white and people instantly connect to what they can relate to. He says her acceptance into the industry isn’t about race, but more about dollars.

Since her interview Azealia has received support from people like Q-Tip and Solange Knowles:

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Watch the interview below and lets us know what you think about it!


Watch her music video Chasing Time below: