Azealia Banks Owns Up To Faults & Recants Malicious Comments In An Apology To Fans

Azealia Banks Owns Up To Faults & Recants Malicious Comments In An Apology To Fans

If anyone has ever felt personally victimized by Azealia Banks, then raise your hand. I’m sure there are many of you with your hands up that identify with the LGBT community since Miss Banks has used some derogatory terminology to identify you through one too many Twitter rants.

Well, I think that the rapper is starting to understand that her words are really offensive, because she wrote out a very genuine, yet very lengthy apology on her Facebook. Even though she’s aware of how biting her words have been to her fans over the years, Banks says that being belittled by other people in her life ultimately allowed her to grow a thick skin and assumed that by belittling her fans in one way or another she was aiding in the strengthening of their mental toughness.

Of course she’s realized that that’s not how this works and you will be delighted to see what she had to say:

“Ok, i’m never saying the word F****T ever again. The amount of people that get hurt when i use the word vs. the amount of people i’ve said it to are just not worth it. Honestly… This isn’t a cop out, its just me realizing that words hurt. and while i may be immune to every word and be thicker skinned than most, it doesn’t mean that i get to go around treating people with the same toughness that made my skin so thick. Because, that IS how people get thick skin… by being subjected to name calling/belittlement/abuse and its not fair. Not fair to my fans, not fair to my peers but most importantly, Not fair to myself.

By using those words i paint a picture of myself that isn’t the true me. I paint the picture of my upbringings, my neighborhood, my pain, and my misfortunes… I paint the picture of someone who is used to suppressing things, and being defensive. I paint the picture of someone who cannot allow themselves to be vulnerable or at the very least, Happy…. When i am ALL of those things.

I’m sweet, i’m kind, i’m caring, i’m generous, i love to make people laugh and above all of it, I LOVE ART. I love to please and inspire others with my music and art the most, More than i love anything in the world. To lose out on a chance to make people feel good and smile and be happy would be the dumbest thing i could do in this lifetime.

To end this note i want to SINCERELY apologize to my fans for having let so many of you down over the years. I know that you all want nothing else for me but to see me win, and i thank the many of you who saw the beauty in me and have stuck around this far. The #Kuntbrigade loves me more than i’ve EVER felt love in my life and it would be so sacrilegious to throw away my blessings that way. when i was a little girl i prayed to god that someone would come along and love me and my wish was granted 100 fold.

I cherish the #kuntbrigade SOOO F***ING MUCH, you guys are my rock, I love you guys so much and all i want to do is make you proud.


Are you guys willing to forgive and forget or are we counting down to another Twitter rant? I think she’s finally being sincere! Hang in there, Azealia!

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