Beyonce's Background Dancer Ashley Everett Speaks On The Carters' Divorce Rumors!

Beyonce’s Background Dancer Ashley Everett Speaks On The Carters’ Divorce Rumors!


One of Beyonce’s background dancers, Ashley Everett, spoke about the divorce rumors surrounding the The Carter’s marriage in an interview with “The Insider”. Ashley has performed alongside Beyonce for years, following her on tour and starring in many of her videos (Single Ladies). Beyonce doesn’t like to talk about her personal business, so you know she doesn’t want her background dancer doing it! The dancer dropped some hints that Beyonce was indeed going through something.

I think after a certain amount of time there’s only so much a person can take, but she’s expressed it through her art and through her music and so I guess that’s her outlet.”

Ashley spoke on the tour:

“It shows the love, it shows the affection. The love, the hate, the relationship, real things that go on in a relationships.”


The dancer also said that Beyonce is much more down to earth than people know, and she’s directed more of her attention to taking care of her family. Girl, you better be quiet before you get fired now!





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