Bill Cosby Finally Responds To Allegations! (Details Inside)

Bill Cosby Finally Responds To Allegations! (Details Inside)


 TEA Spilled by: Debra O. 

Bill Cosby Finally Speaks…..Barely

Bill Cosby finally broke his silence in wind of the lengthy allegations formed against him.

You know, I held out hope for Bill Cosby for a while. After Supermodel Beverly Johnson spoke out about being drugged by Bill, all hope was lost for sure. She’s well respected and doesn’t need the attention!

Cosby is trying to appeal to black journalists to salvage what ever good reputation he has left in the media, making it known that it is important to stay neutral throughout reports on the controversy.

Even though he did not confirm or deny the allegations, an “upbeat” Cosby told Page Six, “Let me say this.  I only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind.”

He spoke about how his wife’s was handling the situation with “love and strength of womanhood.” The conversation seemed brief as he cut it short saying, “They don’t want me talking to the media.”

In light of the apparent racial division going on in the media today, it’s understandable why Cosby would feel this way.

However, his case is very unusual because there are some extremely credible witnesses that have come forward accusing Bill Cosby.

It’s so hard to separate the Cosby we all loved and invited into our living rooms from the Cosby that is currently being slammed in the media. We want to say he’s innocent until proven guilty, but is an allegation from Beverly Johnson, Janice Dickenson, and countless others not proof enough?

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