Bill Cosby Got Ludes From A Gynecologist

Bill Cosby Got Ludes From A Gynecologist

It seems like everyday new information is released on the Bill Cosby rape scandal and  sealed documents are now coming to light one by one!

The newest discovery is that Bill Cosby got the supposed Quaaludes he gave to women from a Gynecologist.

Cosby had obtained seven prescriptions of the pills under the impression that they were to alleviate his sore back and had no problem getting them either. 

His Gyno connect, Leroy Amar, was a well known pill subscriber to Hollywood stars in the 70s way back when they were nick named “disco biscuits.” 

(Amar pictured above)

Amar was also the guy who  introduced him to Tamara Green, one of the alleged sexual assault victims, he ended up warning Cosby of his behavior. 

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