Birdman Responds To Lil Wayne's Comments About YMCMB!

Birdman Responds To Lil Wayne’s Comments About YMCMB!



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Baby Says Not So Fast To Lil Wayne…

In recent news, Lil Wayne dropped a bomb on his Twitter fans earlier this month when he revealed he wanted OUT of his contract with Cash Money Records saying, “I want off this label and nothing to do with these people.” You can catch up on the TEA here if you missed it.

Well TMZ has the response from Baby’s side and it seems like it won’t be that easy for Lil Wayne to get out.  Sources state that Baby is fully aware of the comments made by Lil Wayne and he is deeply offended by them. He firmly believes a contract is a contract and will go to court if need be.

And as for the Carter V, according to TMZ, Baby says there’s a lot of administrative work that needs to be handled behind the project and Lil Wayne is just a rapper not a businessman, so what would he know.

Hopefully both Lil Wayne and Baby can come to some resolution because its hard to watch a decade old empire come down over this!