Bobbi Kristina's Death Makes Way For Some Questions To Finally Be Answered

Bobbi Kristina’s Death Makes Way For Some Questions To Finally Be Answered

After the unfortunate news of Bobbi Kristina’s passing, the process of eliminating the elephant in the room, which is the topic of money and cause of death has now began.

Starting off with the cause of death, well a few days ago we reported that Bobbi Kristina’s death has now turned into a homocide investigation. Well an autopsy was done and it seems to go against that fact. The concluded reports shows “no obvious underlying cause of death,”  according to The Fulton County Medical Examiner. Furthermore, we learned that “no significant injuries were noted.”

Basically, the preliminary autopsy reports are saying that there are no obvious signs someone tried to kill her or that there were any previous medical conditions that could have rendered her unconscious in the tub. However, the medical examiner won’t determine the cause of death until he reviews the subpoenaed health records. 

This is semi-good news for Nick Gordon seeing as how police have had him under a microscope from the jump. He did admit that he and Bobbi Christina were doing drugs but he just believes that she did too much. 

TMZ also backs up this claim as they report that Bobbi Kristins did have a habit of falling asleep wasted in the bathtub.

That’s actually a detail that will be used by attorney Joset Baez, Nick’s rep, to convince prosecutors that Nick didn’t do anything wrong and that the difference from this time and the others is the fatal results. 

While some questions are being answered, more are forming. Especially considering that the night Whitney Houston was found in her tub, Bobbi Kristina was rushed to the ER. Whitney’s team said it was for exhaustion however law enforcement determined that was a lie and that it was due to excessive alcohol consumption.

With these details may or may not put to rest the rumors of Nick killing Bobbi for money but if he did then he will be one sorry guy. TMZ also reported that Bobbi Kristina was supposed to inherit $20 million from Whitney Houston’s estate only if she lived if she lived until 25. It also looks like Bobby Brown won’t be getting a penny either as Whitney stated that she would give her portion to her husband Bobby Brown but since they have divorced under New Jersey law he no longer qualifies for inheritance. Ouch ! 

Hopefully everyone has learned from this so that young Bobbi Kristina can rest in peace . 


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