Bobby Brown Recalls Robbing A Racist Clerk After Being Called The N-Word!

Bobby Brown Recalls Robbing A Racist Clerk After Being Called The N-Word!

Just imagine if you walked into a convenient store just to get your favorite bag of chips and next thing you know you see Bobby Brown attempting to rob the store. According to Bobby Brown’s new memoir this is true, but only he was younger at the time and hadn’t reached stardom yet.

According to The Jasmine Brand, the New Edition singer revealed in his memoir, “Every Little Step” that when he was 11-years-old he almost blew a clerk’s “mother f**kin head off!”

The story goes like this, he was visiting family in Alabama one day he and decided to stop at a convenient shop. He overheard the clerk at the time call him the N-word and lost it from that point.

He wrote, “I lost it. I said, ‘you know what? I’ll be right back, motherf**ker’!”

Bobby went back to his grandmother’s house to put on his dad’s army gear and brought his gun along with him.

He continued, “When I went back in the store, I pointed the gun at the clerk and said, ‘I’ll blow your motherf**kin’ head off!’ I was talking like a grown-a** man, holding this gun like I was Clint Eastwood or something.”

He goes on to say, “The dude looked pretty scared. I went through the store, grabbing things that I wanted. Then I left, with the rifle resting on my shoulder.”

Bobby’s father later caught him with the stolen merchandise and made him return it all. But once he made Bobby redeem himself he disclosed to the clerk in his face that, “if you ever talk to my son like that again, I’ll kill you.”


This memoir maybe one of the best reads this year. Wonder what else Bobby has to spill!




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