Celebrities Respond To Grand Jury Decision In Mike Brown Case - Solange, David Banner, Donald Trump, Wale, Chris Rock & More

Celebrities Respond To Grand Jury Decision In Mike Brown Case – Solange, David Banner, Donald Trump, Wale, Chris Rock & More

Last night, it didn’t come as a surprise when it was announced that Darren Wilson would not be indicted in the shooting death of African American teen Mike Brown. Even still, many people were hurt by the decision and took to the streets to voice it.

It seems as if the world was paying attention, and many Celebs used their platform to express their views on the issue.

Donald Trump called Obama out and said that he didn’t care about African Americans…

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 8.52.28 AM


David Banner is usually vocal about issues that affect the African American community…

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 8.21.14 AM


Solange Knowles responded with a heartfelt message on Instagram:

I screen shot this image months ago. Artist unknown. It moved me for many reasons. One being ….brokenness. Today I feel a sense of brokenness on behalf of my people. Black people. Everyone expresses differently. I respect all forms and shapes of expression. I respect those who don’t see this as a matter of black and white, who think “unity and peace” will save us all from this, who’s optimism in the heart of the gut wrench still seems to have a place…Although I feel differently, I respect it all. We were not molded here, to all be molded the same……My words are like aimless shapes and figures at this time. Trying to find a place to go, something to hold on to, to make “sense” of this all. But the one thing that’s been concrete in my heart is my will to want to express something to my friends. To the people I love, who love me, who feel pain in this moment just as I do, but who do not feel pain in the way that I often do in many walks of life. Who might feel I talk about race too much, that it’s consumed me, who I’ve distanced myself from….because it’s true, I can’t a joke. When I told a friend of mine I was making an album about race, his response was….”Just make it fun”. I would like him to think about it now. We are not Michael Browns family, but we are Michael Browns family. We don’t hurt like they do, but we do hurt. Hurt like hell. Thing about my people though….we don’t stay broken. We get up. We put the pieces together when there aren’t even pieces to pick up…….and we will……again and again and again.”


Wale was less vocal than usual on the topic. He made a very simple statement:

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Chris Rock also chimed in:

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Trey Songz made a very simple statement, and August Alsina dedicated a moment to Mike Brown at his show:

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