Cheating Site Ashley Madison Hacked!

Cheating Site Ashley Madison Hacked!

The dating website that promotes adultery, Ashley Madison, has been hacked!

Hopefully you’ve never heard of the site that is known for helping married people cheat and boasts over 37 million members.  The hackers that called themselves the  “Impact Team” scored information on customer profiles, sexual fantasies, credit card information, as well as real names and addresses.

The hackers were not so happy that the company has a “full delete” service that allows users to delete their profile and associated data for $19 dollars.

Chile they made $1.7 million in revenue last year with that function alone!

The site must be a gold mine for hackers who would love to have information for blackmail. Allegedly the hackers are threatening to release the information if the website isn’t shut down.

We shall wait and see if they decide to publish on a public website!

This whole things sound like a hott mess! What are your thoughts?
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