Child Molestation Claims Against Stevie J Are False!

Child Molestation Claims Against Stevie J Are False!

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Earlier today #MimiFaust’s estranged niece took Instagram to make some alarming claims against Mimi Faust and Stevie J! She said Stevie J touched his youngest daughter ,Eva, in inappropriate places and that Mimi knew but did nothing. Now #Roommates you know we had to get to the bottom of this story, and turns out its allegedly not true!

According to our exclusive source, Mimi’s niece is just mad because she got fired.

“Mimi’s niece got fired for stealing her credit card and making purchases on it to a gym to lose weight, Mimi was nice enough to not call the police.”

It didn’t stop there roommates!

“She also burned furniture down in her house as Mimi was out doing an event for the weekend and could’ve burned her house down.”

Now for most people that would have been enough but this was when Mimi threw her hands up and had enough!

“Her last straw was when she got pulled over in a car that Mimi bought her so she could take Eva to school in, and run errands as she was being paid for that!”

Catch this tea #Roommates!

“She got pulled over while having drugs on her and was pissed because Mimi asked her to leave as she did not know that she was doing drugs in her house and her job was to take care of an infant.”

In the end Mimi was still looking out for her niece.

“She could’ve easily gone to jail for everything she did but as a family member, she just sent her home!”