Chris Brown Comes To The Shade Room & Karrueche Reads Him For Filth - Exposes He Broke Her Window

Chris Brown Comes To The Shade Room & Karrueche Reads Him For Filth – Exposes He Broke Her Window


Y’all need to catch up to what is going on in The Shade Room today hunty! Y’all know we never mean to get involved in the mess…well.

Anyways, earlier today on our Instagram page @theshaderoominc we posted one of Karrueche’s interviews from the past week (Access Hollywood) in which she spoke about her relationship with Chris Brown and Royalty. Mind you, earlier this week Chris Brown also went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show for an interview and  responded to a question about Karrueche as well.

After we posted it, Chris Brown stepped into The Shade Room to tell Karrueche that she needs to stop doing interviews about him since their relationship is over and the two of them are no longer moving forward together. Many of the roommates sided with Chris Brown in saying that Karrueche should only talk about her career in interviews and leave the whole CB relationship alone. If you haven’t been keeping up with the TEA, let me recap you: Karrueche left Chris Brown after finding out that he had a baby with another woman named Nia. Ever since then, Karrueche has been sticking to her guns about not getting back with Chris. Last week TMZ released a video of Chris Brown “forcing” his way into  Karrueche’s car after showing up at the club where her best friend Christina Milian was hosting.

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Fast forward to the moment that Chris Brown blasted Karrueche on TSR…Karrueche decided to respond to Chris Brown on her page and she let him have it boo! She mentioned a few things: He broke her window, forced himself into her car, blew up her phone, and showered her with gifts in an attempt get her back. Now everybody is rooting for Karrueche and saying that she has every right to talk about her life story. We agree, if it’s her experience she should feel free to talk about it.

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In fact, they both have a point in this argument.

This is a different kind of relationship/situationship to say the least. These two are really something else.