Chris Brown's Baby Momma Adds On To The Singer's Women Woes!!!

Chris Brown’s Baby Momma Adds On To The Singer’s Women Woes!!!

Looks like Chris Brown is making all the headlines this Memorial Day Weekend but this time it’s over another girl, his babymomma!

Sources tell TMZ, that Nia Guzman feels as though Chris Brown is being cheap when it comes to giving out the coins! She allegedly only receives $2500 a month and she thinks that’s insulting.

Chris Brown ultimately stopped paying because he found the new price tag she put on her baby to be even more insulting! It is reported she wants 6 times the amount that she is getting a month in other words a wopping $15k a month!

Nia’s lawyer, Carl Moore, has planned to file legal documentation somewhere in the next two weeks asking for child support previously owed  and the new monthly bill. 

Some are saying she’s using Royalty as a lottery ticket but a settlement has been in the talks. Looks like Chris got 99 problems and the chicks are all one!


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Sources Sited: TMZ

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