Christian Taylor: Latest Man To Be Killed By Police Officer In Texas

Christian Taylor: Latest Man To Be Killed By Police Officer In Texas

Another African American man has been killed at the hands of a police officer. According to the NY Post, police officers responded to a burglary call around 1 a.m in Arlington, TX. When officers arrived they found that Christian Taylor had driven his car into the front window of a Classic Buick GMC dealership. 

Unarmed, it is alleged that Taylor fought with the officer on scene before the officer shot and killed him. Unfortunately there is no video of the shooting to corroborate this story. 

Officer Brad Miller is the officer who was identified for shooting 19-year-old Taylor. Miller had no previous police training before joining the Arlington police force and just graduated from the police academy in March!

He of course was placed on administrative leave as the investigation behind Taylor’s death goes on.

Taylor was a sophomore and also played football at Angelo State University in San Angelo. He revealed himself on Twitter to be a very intellectual teen as he tweeted about police brutality:


His uncle, Clyde Fuller, described him to be a “good kid” and says the circumstances around his death aren’t adding up.

“They say he’s burglarizing the place by running up in there? Nuh-uh. Something doesn’t sound right,” Fuller told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

This death comes just a few weeks after the death of Sandra Bland and right before the one year anniversary of the death of Mike Brown. Christian Taylor’s death also ignited social media with yet another hashtag #ChristianTaylor. Serena Williams had did to say about it:


People that were also close to him expressed their thoughts via social media:


We pray that Christian’s family get all the answers and justice that they rightfully deserve. Let’s chat below



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