Comedian Marlon Wayans Sued For Social Media Bullying

Comedian Marlon Wayans Sued For Social Media Bullying


When Ish Gets Real: Comedian Marlon Wayans is being sued for this post (above) that he made last year on Instagram. According to TMZ Pierre Daniel (above, left) says he was hired for a part in “A Haunted House 2” written by Marlon Wayans, but things turned sour when he bullied him on social media. Daniel says the post was racially motivated side eye because he was making fun of his afro and appearance. Daniel says the post caused him “shock, pain, discomfort, and anxiety” and as a result he can no longer work as an actor. Daniel knows he needs to stop playing! He is clearly trying to get a pay day!

Daniel the truth is that you do look like Cleveland Brown. Marlon Wayans did not tell a lie. Why is it that people are so money hungry? Marlon Wayans didn’t hinder this man’s career! His career was nonexistent to begin with and you can’t sue someone for speaking the truth!

The Judge is going to look at the comparison photos and realize that Pierre Daniel is simply looking for a pay day… a cash out if you will. After the Judge sees that they are twins he will throw the case out!

Pierre can kiss his dreams of working with Marlon Wayans goodbye after this!