Contestant From Mexico’s Version Of 'The Voice Shot' And Killed In Chicago

Contestant From Mexico’s Version Of ‘The Voice Shot’ And Killed In Chicago


Fans are still in disbelief after the killing of Christina Grimmie, a former contestant on “The Voice”. While signing autographs at a meet and greet, someone opened fire killing the 22-year-old singer.

Almost a week following her murder another contestant from the show was shot and died two days later. The Associated Press confirmed Alejandro “Jano” Fuentes, a contestant from “La Voz”, the Mexican version of “The Voice”, died this past Saturday.

While celebrating his 45th birthday, Fuentes was ambushed outside of his Tras Bambalinas School in the southwest side of Chicago in Brighton Park. An assaulter approached him pointing a gun and ordering him out of his car. He was fatally shot three times.

Fuentes appeared on “La Voz” during its first season back in 2011. Since then he relocated to the U.S. where he opened up his school to teach young students to sing, act, dance and model.


Our prayers are with his family.



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