Could Evelyn Lozada Be Pregnant With Baby #2? *Update*

Could Evelyn Lozada Be Pregnant With Baby #2? *Update*

We think that one of Carl Crawford’s family members may have slipped up and spilled the goods that Evelyn Lozada could be pregnant with baby #2. 

Now we aren’t a hundred percent sure, but Evelyn posted a picture of her man Carl Crawford on her page and hashtagged #HeHasStrongGenes . 

The alleged family member commented under the picture that their whole family had strong genes….but here is the part that had us tilting our head….she said, “So happy for you guys…can’t wait to meet the new edition!”

So, you know we started digging after that. This is when we noticed that Evelyn had not posted a body shot in 4 weeks. In fact, in the last month she has only posted “chest-up” shots.

But we also found a potential baby bump: 

Could this mean that Evelyn Lozada has a baby in the oven?

UPDATE Evelyn Lozada confirmed that she is not preggers! 

Still, let’s keep an eye on her!