Crack Pipes Found At Lamar Odom's House

Crack Pipes Found At Lamar Odom’s House

It looks Lamar Odom is returning back to his old ways, and his friends are extremely worried about him. They confronted the former NBA star at his home and found crack pipes and so much more!

According to TMZ, Odom’s friends noticed his behavior has been off lately, and they’ve been trying to get him back on the right path but have been unsuccessful.

They popped up on Lamar at his home and told him he needed to go to rehab, but apparently it went out one ear and the other because Lamar shot it down.

While they were over there a couple of friends did a little snooping and found drug paraphernalia all over the house! I’m talking baggies, crack pipes, roaches etc!

Hopefully Lamar gets it together before its too late!


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