"Dark Skinned" Activist Says Kendrick Lamar's Fiancée Isn't Black Enough And He Should Be BoyCotted !!

“Dark Skinned” Activist Says Kendrick Lamar’s Fiancée Isn’t Black Enough And He Should Be BoyCotted !!

According to a “dark skinned activist,” Kendrick Lamar is unsupportable because of his relationship with his “light skinned” fiancée, Whitney Alford.

Rashida Strober, a self-professed “Dark Skinned Activist” called K Dot “another fake conscious mutherf*cker” and wants other dark skinned girls to boycott his music as well.



“Dark Skin is the essence of true blackness,” Stober shared in a later Facebook post in defense to her initial statement, “and if these fakers were really conscious they would marry dark skinned women.”

Strober runs a “Dark Skin Is Beautiful” campaign where apparently she promotes dark skinned power. Too bad she won’t be getting the support she’s looking for either because her ignorant statements fired up a lot of people in the social media world:





Yeah, she definitely took a major fail for this one! Let’s chat below!  

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