Love & Hip Hop Star Diamond Strawberry Addresses Calling Her Daughter A DOG..(DETAILS INSIDE)

Love & Hip Hop Star Diamond Strawberry Addresses Calling Her Daughter A DOG..(DETAILS INSIDE)

We all know that Mona Scott has a way of making people look crazy on reality TV or we all love to at least blame her for it. But for some people, they just do it to themselves when they bring their own personal drama to these shows.

Ya’ll remember on the second episode of Love and HipHop NY when Diamond Strawberry told her then boyfriend Cisco that what he thought to be dogs barking in the background while they were on the phone was actually her 6 year old daughter. The backlash she got from that crazy statement especially from social media was even harsh!! Well she sat down with Hello Beautiful for a redemption interview to discuss who Diamond Strawberry really is.

“If there’s one thing I wish I could take back in the season so far is the dog reference to my daughter. Anybody that knows me, knows that my daughter is my world! I love that little girl to death. And the funny thing is when Cisco and I used to talk on the phone my dogs would really be in the background, yipping and yapping. My daughter would be there too, I’m not going to lie. But I just really wish that I could take that back. I’m a damn good mom. I give my first, last and everything to my daughter. People don’t know me. They get bits and pieces of me for an hour every night. So the people that know me, know what kind of mother I am.”

She also dishes on how her father, Darryl Strawberry, didn’t really want her on the show but is supporting her decision and supporting her through all the controversy surrounding her. She paints Cisqo as a liar too as she says that Cisqo was the one who begged her to come to New York and not the other way around.

“I decided to move to New York after Cisco had been begging me for months and months to come. He promised me all these things, you know, ‘Baby, when you get here I have all of these modeling gigs lined up for you. My friend is the publisher of this magazine and we’re going to get you on the cover of this magazine…full spread here.”

And as far as Cisqo cheating on her and having a six month old, she says that he could have told her when she opened up to him about her daughter instead of making her feel like the bad person. She maintains that keeping her daughter from him was wrong but in a way it helped protect her daughter because now she knows who the real Cisqo is and she wouldn’t want to bring her daughter around that kind of a man.

But aside from all the Love and HipHop drama, Diamond is really making a positive influence out in the streets. She has her own group home called, “A Safe Place Youth Center”, which is a place where young pregnant teens, runaways, and victims of abuse can call home. “That group home is my baby. I was there from day 1 when we were just thinking about doing it. It’s so dear to my heart because I was a teen mother. I know exactly how it feels to feel like you’ve let people down, you’ve let yourself down and to feel like your only identity is going to be having babies. I feel like I can relate to these girls so much and I just want to encourage and inspire them to push and be and do all that they can for themselves and their children.”

She is also face of Echelon Hair Company and has a lot of other model gigs on the horizon. It’s safe to say love can make you have poor judgement as well as bad taste in men but lets just hope she doesn’t make the same mistake twice.


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