Did Blac Chyna Have A Fight With Her Baby Daddy Tyga? And Is Shay Johnson Going To Jail Soon?

Did Blac Chyna Have A Fight With Her Baby Daddy Tyga? And Is Shay Johnson Going To Jail Soon?


Our roommate sent in a TEA BAG this morning…..and we wonder what could have possibly happened to cause this. See, the screenshot below shows that Blac Chyna (Popular Ex- Stripper) unfollowed her Baby’s Father Tyga (@kinggoldchains) on Instagram at some point, because the notification shows that she just followed him again this morning. Now, we all know that if you unfollow your Baby’s Fava something in the milk ain’t clean. You only unfollow someone when you think you are COMPLETELY done with that person, and you can find that in the rulebook of Social Media hehe.


In other news:

Reco Chapple (well known designer in the ATL) finally clapped back at Ms. Shay Johnson (Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Flavor of Love, Charm School) and spilt some TEA we couldn’t ignore. If you recall, yesterday Shay Johnson called Reco Chapple out for being fake towards his friend Funky Dineva, having cheap pieces, and being mad because she got really close with arch nemesis Mariah (Married To Medicine). You can read the story here. Well, babyyyy he clapped back with this Instagram post below! He claims that the police came to his job looking for Shay Johnson in connection to the fight she had at the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Premiere Party back in February (She beat a girl over the head with a champagne bottle). Could it be that Shay is going to end up on channel 7 with handcuffs soon?

Read what Reco had to say below. If it’s too blurry or you need his words to be translated because he can’t spell or write worth a damn, then read the passage we have below:



Via Reco Chapples Instagram:

Good morning people. Let’s start from the beginning where this thing first started. Shay Johnson, when I noticed you started hanging around Keshia (Mariah) as a friend I warned you to watch out because she has done dirty things to me and Quad. Just like I told you not to say any of your personal business in front of Funky Dineva when we hung out unless you want it on the blogs. I was only being your friend. Only to look to see you on TV volunteering the info that I warned you about #reaching #thetrustisreal . Now that was the first shout. But I do understand, now that #love&hiphop no longer exists for you. At that time you didn’t know that girl for even two  months, and baby I’m here to tell you that you got played. I’m not going to go there with you on your personal life but I will tell you that the police has been to my store looking for you for hitting ol girl in the head with a bottle. I wonder will Mariah come and see you when you are locked up. Well hunty if you feel you want to take this route go head you can have it boo. I’ve seen a lot of talentless reality show stars fall by the wayside because their time is up. #ByeFelicia or should I say #ByeLakeisha.