Does Dennis Rodman Want To Date Caitlyn Jenner?

Does Dennis Rodman Want To Date Caitlyn Jenner?

Dennis Rodman, the flaming torch of 90’s NBA, called up to TMZ in order to give his two cents on Caitlyn Jenner’s big reveal on Vanity Fair and low key asked her on a date!

The basketball player told the TMZ crew that the former Bruce Jenner would have had his”ass handed to him” if he was revealed to the world as transgender earlier. It’s interesting that he said that, because while Dennis wasn’t trans, he definitely loved to wear women’s clothing and was unbothered by the bad press he was getting from it.

He also allegedly told TMZ that in 1995, he would go back and forth with trying to pose on the highly coveted Sports Illustrated cover in women’s clothing! The goop about all of this is that Dennis was still pulling bad bishes i.e. Carmen Electra! 

Rodman seems to be extremely pleased with the way that the world is accepting Caitlyn! He thinks that Caitlyn is bussin’ down barriers for the LGBTQ community and had a very interesting prediction, “A lot of athletes will come out now and say they’re gay. Watch.”

Well, as we all know, Caitlyn is definitely snatched and should have a fellow baddie by her side! So, while she’s trying to sort out sexual preferences, Dennis wanted to holla real quick. He said, “If you wanna go on a date with me brotha, let me know.”

Roommates, what are your thoughts on Dennis Rodman speaking out? Do you think he’s really interested in Caitlyn’s well-being or do you think he’s looking for a check? Tell us why in the comments!


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