Draya Responds To The Rumors That Her Boo Orlando Cheated & Tami Roman Throws Some Shade Chile!

Draya Responds To The Rumors That Her Boo Orlando Cheated & Tami Roman Throws Some Shade Chile!

Draya Speaks About The Rumors That Her Boo Orlando Cheated With A BBWLA Cast Mate


The streets were saying that Draya of Basketball Wives LA had recently broken up with her Dallas Cowboys baller boyfriend Orlando Scandrick because he was cheating on her with another BBWLA cast mate (Malaysia). We knew that rumor was a damn lie. The rumors started because she deleted recent photos of her boyfriend on her page and posted a few posts about “moving on” from someone who doesn’t appreciate you. However, they are still following each other on Instagram & Twitter. Now don’t you look at us like that, it’s sad these are the indicators that a relationship is going strong. However, in this day and age…Social Media tells everything!


Well Draya responded by saying that “blogs” were reporting false rumors about her situation. Ok..Ok…so we know that Orlando didn’t cheat on you with a BBWLA cast mate, but are y’all together or not? Something seems mighty fishy here!

Tami Roman Throws Shade


Now if you’ve been following this site for a while, then you know we love us some Tami Roman chile! Somebody has gotten under her skin because when Tami attacks it’s for a REASON. Well, this time she came for the ladies of Married To Medicine. Check this post out:


We aren’t sure who her posts were directed at, but there has to be some TEA brewing over there boo! Now we don’t want to start any rumors, but let’s list the wives on MTM in order of whose husband is the most flamboyant and try to figure out who she is talking about:





Now…Mariah and Heavenly’s husbands don’t seem to fit the mold at all. However, look at this post she posted…..


it says “SaKeisha”….y’all know Mariah’s real name is “LaKeisha”. Tam-Tam….let us know who tried you! It ain’t nuthin to knock a h** DOWN!