Dylan Roof Assaulted By Inmate In Shower

Dylan Roof Assaulted By Inmate In Shower

Oop! Dylann Roof, the 22 year old who is being charged with 9 counts of murder for shooting and killing churchgoers in a South Carolina church is not doing too well in the big house!

Roof was assaulted by another inmate – who people are praising for this by the way — as he was getting ready for his morning shower at the Charleston County Detention Center.

Sheriff Al Cannon said in a statement that Dylann was punched multiple times by 25 year old inmate Dwayne Stafford, who is in jail for strong-armed robbery and first degree assault charges.

He was examined by medical staffers following the attack, and although he had bruises, he was not seriously injured.

“They have no desire to press charges,” Sheriff Cannon said regarding Roof and his lawyers.

Dylann Roof is in protective custody, and according to the NY Daily News, police are investigating how the assault was able to take place in the first place seeing as protective custody protocol requires that all inmates should’ve been locked in their cells before Roof was let out to shower.

“Two staffers are supposed to watch Roof while he’s out of his cell, but at the time of the attack, one was taking a break and the other was delivering toilet paper to an inmate,” the Sheriff said.

If you remember a few days ago we reported that Roof and his lawyers were challenging the death penalty regarding his case. I wonder how they’re going to spin this one to their benefit now..
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