Empire Gets Caught In Terrence Howard's Ex-Wife Drama!

Empire Gets Caught In Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife Drama!


Empire is forever dealing with the drama! They’re currently trying to figure out how they’re going to pay Terrence Howard.
They have the money, of course! But supposedly, his ex is coming for his paycheck. Empire’s like: OR NAW! Terrence and Michelle’s settlement agreement would entitle her to a hefty chunk of his “Empire” salary; so they turned to a judge to help determine a way around a check so that Lucious is getting his big faces –and not his ex, Michelle.
She hit Fox with the “BBHMM!” TMZ reports that she asked Fox to just deduct her owed amount from Terrence’s check and send it directly to her.
Bish whet?!
Terrence in turn believes the agreement is invalid and so demands his full check.
At this point one of two things can happen, If Michelle’s right and Fox pays Terrence his full amount, they may be on her hook. If Terrence is right, and they pay Michelle what she’s gunning for, Fox may have to pay that amount again to him.
Once the judge lays down the law, their questions will be answered.
Source: TMZ, http://m.tmz.com/#Article/2015/08/14/terrence-howard-michelle-ghent-empire-money-divorce
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