Fetty Wap Accused Of Walking Out On Olive Garden Bill

Fetty Wap Accused Of Walking Out On Olive Garden Bill

Fetty Wap is being accused of an apparent dine and ditch at Olive Garden!

According to TMZ, the Trap Queen rapper, was out with friends at the franchise’s Wayne, NJ location when he just up and left without taking the full tab with him!

In Fetty’s defense, he says he waited for over 2 hours for his meal and didn’t leave without at least  putting up $100 for the appetizers and drinks.

Welp restaurant employees say otherwise! They are pissed because according to them he was only there for 30 mins and he just simply didn’t want to pay the tab that was actually $160. 

And for those who aren’t seasoned with the restaurant service industry if a person ditches the bill, in some restaurants it is up to the waitor/waitress to cover the rest of the bill! In other words the waitor would have gotten stuck paying $60 for a plate he didn’t even eat! Luckily, the manager had a good enough heart and let the waitor off the hook.

Fetty has declined to comment but we did receive word the other day of someone blasting the rapper for ditching the bill :


Oop hopefully this just all a misunderstanding! Let’s chat below!

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