Five Things You Need To Avoid Wearing On The 4th Of July!

Five Things You Need To Avoid Wearing On The 4th Of July!

#Roommates with the 4th of July just hours away we know some of you may already have picked out your outfit and are ready for tomorrow’s festivities. For some maybe you hit up the mall and grabbed a fresh fit and for others you probably pulled out your traditional 4th of July outfit that, let’s be honest, needs to be retired and trashed! If you were planning on wearing these items on the 4th it may be time to cut it and go for something new.

1. I’m all here for patriotism but ladies lets put the American flag leggings to rest. Now y’all know which leggings I’m talking about, one side stars and one side stripes. If you wanna show your patriotism try opting for a solid white, red, or blue.


2. Now fellas you know we have our go to outfit that we just need cut in general. I don’t know who started the trend of wearing cameo pants, American flag tank tops, and white Air Force ones but if you want avoid ending up on someone’s page with the hashtag #4thOfJulyStarterPack then you may wanna rethink your choice of clothing.



3. Roommates with Independence Day being in one of the hottest months of the year, sunglasses are a necessity. With that being said that doesn’t mean you need to show up to the family barbecue with your American flag stunna shades on! We know it’s the 4th and nine times out of ten you aren’t going to be the only one there rocking them.



4. Old Navy is the best but let’s give this a rest for this year!


5. Where are all my bandana lovers at? If this is you then you were probably thinking about pulling out your American flag bandana…. Think again! Let’s try to be different this year and switch it up!


Roommates its summer sixteen which means this is the year to remember so don’t show up to the 4th of July functions looking basic, come to slay!!!!