Florida Couple Held A Teen As Their Sex Slave For 5 Years! 

Florida Couple Held A Teen As Their Sex Slave For 5 Years! 

A Port St. Lucie Florida couple was arrested and charged with felony sexual assault charges for making a 13-year-old girl their personal sex slave for 5 years!

Rob Johnson, 44 and wife Marie Johnson, 43, took in the teen after her mother passed away. Shortly after that they told her she couldn’t be apart of the family until she had sex with them! WTF?!?

It gets worse, The Johnson’s also beat the unidentified girl. She was forced to call Rob “master” and Marie would choke her up until she agreed to their insane sexual requests, SMH!

Check this,  Mr. Johnson would have Sunday school classes for the family and have the audacity to apply the Old Testament as justification to his actions, Blasphemy!


The girl who is now 21 years old, was homeschooled and virtually not allowed to use any source of communication to the outside world.

She was also given a script to rehearse in case doctors would ask about her sexual activity.

She eventually found freedom when her grandma purchased a ticket to bring her to Ohio.

The Johnson’s were both freed on $60,000 bail each.

What a crazy world we live in!

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